5 Elements That Will Improve Your Videos

videotaperWhen you’re working with a tight budget, but still need to market your business, producing your own videos may seem like a wise decision.  You feel you can save lots of money by simply doing it yourself.  Well if some basic details are overlooked, your videos could have a slim chance of success.  To help you get better results from your videos, here is a checklist of elements to include before you plan your next production:

  • SOUND QUALITY – Poor audio can be a distraction.  Even if the content is great, loud background noises or other audio malfunctions can steal the attention of a very critical online audience and prompt them to move on.  The simple solution is a lavaliere (or lapel) microphone; It’s small, clips on your clothing and offers great sound quality.  You can purchase one for a low as $15.
  • VIDEO LENGTH – The online video world is very busy and crowded.  The average person has a very short attention span, so aim to deliver your message in under 2 minutes if you can.  If your video goes on for too long, many of your viewers may click off.
  • VIDEO TITLE – an interesting E-mail subject line usually grabs my attention and entices me to open and read.  The same stands true for videos.  If you want people to view your videos, an interesting title will increase those chances.  A title like “Demonstration: 3 Ways to Wear a Scarf” is better than the title, “Scarf Ideas Video 1.”
  • ON-CAMERA APPEARANCE – First impressions do go a long way.  For some reason, people feel it isn’t necessary to spruce up when shooting a video for YouTube.  When you post, you have a chance of millions seeing your video.  You should take your image seriously and aim to present yourself well.  You don’t have to overdue it, but good grooming and a nice outfit shows you are professional.  Remember, you are your brand!
  • CONTACT INFORMATION – Whether you’re producing a promotional, sales, or tip video for your business, you want to include ways your viewers can contact or connect with you.  Whatever type of video you produce, it is a commercial for you, so add your website address, social media tags, etc. so people can reach you for more information.

Keep these tips in mind and you will improve your video hits and followers.