Are You Suffering from Video Phobia?

upset girlI’ve heard many people say they’d love to produce videos for their business but the thought of speaking on camera terrifies them.  Can you relate?

With so many people watching online video these days, you can’t afford not to have at least one online video to promote your business.  You may also think that speaking comes easy for most people.  Well that just isn’t true.  In my 15 years as a video producer, I’ve helped many clients improve their on-camera skills and deliver with confidence, so don’t be intimidated.  Many of the people you see in videos started somewhere, made many mistakes, and spent much time practicing before they got to the point of feeling comfortable and looking good on camera.  There are many people who still have a fear, but use various techniques to reach their video marketing goals.

I believe you, too, can start producing videos and sharing your message with your audience.  Check out my video below which offers steps you can take to start producing videos with confidence.