Captivate your Audience with How-to Videos

How-to videos offer a creative way to put your talent or skills in the spotlight, so if you have a technique or specialty you’d like to demonstrate, this type of video is the way to go.  For example, a personal trainer may demonstrate 3 power moves for great looking arms, a dance instructor may show how […]

5 Elements That Will Improve Your Videos

When you’re working with a tight budget, but still need to market your business, producing your own videos may seem like a wise decision.  You feel you can save lots of money by simply doing it yourself.  Well if some basic details are overlooked, your videos could have a slim chance of success.  To help you […]

Are You Suffering from Video Phobia?

I’ve heard many people say they’d love to produce videos for their business but the thought of speaking on camera terrifies them.  Can you relate? With so many people watching online video these days, you can’t afford not to have at least one online video to promote your business.  You may also think that speaking […]

Are You Missing Opportunities?

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on TV projects where much of my time was spent researching guests, experts, coaches, and instructors.  I was amazed at how many professionals still do not have at least one online video that showcases their business and talents.  In this digital age, it is a must-have tool […]