Video comes in different styles and lengths for a variety of purposes.  Unison Media, LLC has years of experience creating a wide range of solutions for businesses big and small.  In addition to this list, you will find a description of three of our most requested video styles.

  • Live Events
  • Workshop and Seminar Recordings
  • Corporate Videos
  • Interviews
  • Testimonials
  • Speaker Demo Reel
  • Web Series
  • Instructional Videos
  • Television Shows

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO – The Ultimate Marketing and Sales Tool

If you have a product, service or event you’d like to introduce, a promotional video has the power to present it in big way.  This video style is designed to grab your viewers’ attention  and generate more interest in what you’re offering or showcasing.  Many promos incorporate text, graphic elements, a music bed and voiceover for a more creative and professional touch.  Promos can be produced in various lengths, but the online audience has a short attention span, so shorter versions are more effective.  A well-produced promo will generally run no longer than 3 minutes, still get your message out loud and clear and make a great impact.

BUSINESS PROFILE – Storytelling that Makes Your Business Come Alive

They’re short, engaging and straight to the point.  A business profile is a video that gives the who, what, where, when, why and how in 60-90 seconds.  The business owner is usually the on-camera star offering an up close and personal feel that’s relaxed and inviting.  It effectively engages your audience and calls them to action.  Business story videos are normally posted on website welcome pages and enhances your online networking platforms.

HOW TO VIDEOS – Enlighten the Way for your Viewers and Showcase your Expertise

How-to-videos offer a layout that puts your talent or skill in the spotlight, so if you have a technique or specialty you’d like to demonstrate, this type of video is the way to go.  For example, a personal trainer may demonstrate 3 power moves for great looking arms, a dance instructor may show how to improve your dance skills and shine on the dance floor, a hair stylist may offer easy ways to care for curly hair.  How-to videos will enhance your credibility, share your expertise and spark your viewers’ interest in your service.